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iDye for Synthetic Fibers (16 colors)


The price shown is per running yard
Colors on monitors and screens vary. Please refer to our swatch request page for information about samples
Weight 0.10 lbs
Price: $5.25


Dye for Polyester or Nylon in a handy soluble packet

A few things you should know--

  • Dyes are transparent. Consider the color you are starting with when choosing your dye color. If you start with a shirt that is red and dye it blue, you will send up with a purple shirt.
  • Not all fibers are created equally. Your results may vary. But it may end up being wonderful!
  • Polyester is difficult to dye and requires that the water be at a very high temperature. For this reason it is suggested that the Idye Poly is only done on the stove top
  • Use a stainless steel or enamel pot-- NOT aluminum. Utensils and pots not be used for food afterward.
  • 1 packet will dye 2-3 pounds of dry fabric