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Striped Raccoon

Striped Raccoon



per yard
Quantity Price
5+ Items $34.20
Quantity yards
The price shown is for a running yard
Colors on monitors and screens vary. Please refer to our swatch request page for information about samples

Frequently Asked Questions

Fake or real?

These are all fake furs. They are all synthetic. None of them are real fur or were ever on a real animal. Many of them have names of real animals but that is only because they remind us of that animal.

Handling and Care of Fake Fur

To maintain the look and feel of the fake fur it is best to hand-wash and drip dry them. Agitation and heat are your worst enemy when handling fake furs.

  • After soaking in cold or luke warm water with gentle detergent and swishing around to clean, remove the piece of fabric.
  • You can roll it in a towel to absorb the extra water.
  • Find a place to hang it with good ventilation and fluff it up with your fingers a bit if it is a longer pile. With too much agitation the longer fake furs have a tendency to want knot or tangle up or become matted so pay close attention to this-- especially if you are hanging it over something like a shower rod. Pay attention to it like you would soup on a stove. Every once in a while flip it over and run your hands through it rather than just leaving it until it is dry.


If it is a small piece you could put in in the dryer on FLUFF/AIR. NO HEAT.

If it is a larger piece or garment you could also dry clean it. Make sure to tell the cleaners that it is fake fur so they use the approprite solution and technique.

If you just need to clean a spot you can do that with some cold water and a rag.

Meter vs Yard and how to order

Fake fur is sold by the running yard, or portion of the yard.  A yard is 3 feet or 36". If you prefer metric measurements, a yard is 91cm.

The minimum cut is 1/2 yard.   To order fake fur, please use the decimal form.

fraction inches cm decimal
1/4 9 22 .25
1/3 12 30 .33
1/2 18 45 .5
2/3 24 60 .67
3/4 27 68 .75


Custom work

We do not manufacture the fake furs. At this time, it is not possible for us to print custom designs or get colors or patterns that are not shown on our website. If you are trying to match something you can always send us a picture in an email or send us a swatch and we can let you know if we have something that is close to what you are looking for.


We offer swatches as a way to help you make a decision. A swatch is a small piece of fabric that will allow you to feel the texture of the fabric and see the fabric in living color. On a fabric with lots of colors you may not see all of the colors but you will get the vibe. The swatches are about 1" x 3". We do not offer large swatches. With each swatch order you will receive a coupon code for a future order that will be valid for 30 days from your purchase date.


You can order swatches here

You can also request up to 5 swatches when you place an order

Super soft and luxurious fur. This one has stripes running parallel to the selvedge that are about 3" wide, but melt into each other. The stripes alternate in either a creamy brown base with frosted tips or a charcoal grey with frosted tips. The tips are similar in feel to the tipped fox but with the added interest of the stripes.

  • 100% acrylic
  • 2" pile height
  • 60" wide.
  • Suggested care: dry clean or hand wash cold/ line dry

To maintain the texture and luster of this fur it should either be dry cleaned or hand washed in cold water and line dried. Any heat will melt it.