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Clear Vinyl


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What is Clear Vinyl and why do I need it?

This is a great alternative if you want to make something waterproof, but the oilcloth patterns available won't work for you. This is flexible, clear vinyl that we sell by the yard

We stock the clear vinyl in 3 different weights. The lightest weight has a bit of stretch to it and is about the weight of piece of heavy weight copy paper. The heaviest is about the weight of the oilcloth, although it is a bit more flexible than the oilcloth.

The clear vinyl is 54" wide.

What can I do with the clear vinyl?Create your own custom oilcloth by layering the clear vinyl over a piece of fabric or paper. Great for a beach bag lining. Make a really sexy outfit!

Because this vinyl is clear, it is difficult to find a glue that will work well without looking like globs of glue. It is better to use this in a way that will not require complete adhesion to the other layer. For example, if you are making a beach bag you can just sew it to the other fabric around the edge.