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Fake Fur

It all started with a few rolls-- the basics. But over the years, the thing we affectionately refer to as "the fur pile" has grown into a fur mountain. It is so big that the short people on our staff, myself included, have to request help from the tall folks if we want one of the top rolls.... how do you think that makes us feel?

We get a lot of questions about our fake fur. So, we now present our Faux Fur FAQ's. Hopefully this will answer ALL of your questions, but if it doesn't, you can email us and we will try to do better.

Is any of this stuff real?
Depends on what your defination of real is. None of it was alive at anytime. It is real genuine Acrylic and Modacrylic.

What can I do with it?
Anything you want. People use it for clothing, bags, pillows, couch coverings, rugs, book covers, car interiors, kleenex box covers.... let your mind run wild.

Is it washable?
People do wash it, although it will change the texture. The shorter ones wash better. The flat pile ones wash even better. We normally suggest that people wash it in cool water and dry it in a low heat dryer. The texture of the fur will change a bit with washing-- it will become less slick and a bit more yarny.

Does it shed?
The long pile fur will shed more, although none of it sheds a whole lot. When you initially cut it, you will have some fur that falls off.

Can I sew it?
Sure. Use a new needle. If doing it by machine, you may have to kind of help it through the feeddogs because of the bulk. You probably want to trim the seams nice and close as a final step.

What is the easiest way to cut it?
If you are making a lot of cuts, try using a razor blade, x-acto knife, or Rotary Cutter. Cut it from the back, so you are not chopping though the nap. This will minimize the amount of fuzz in your work area, but will not prevent it completely.You will have the least about of fur flying around, if you cut the fur from the back with a razor blade. If you use scissors, you are going to hack the fur and it will be ALL OVER!

Now the details on what we stock
We carry a whole bunch of different furs. We have split them in to groups so that you can focus on what you are seeing (and to cut down on the time it takes for the page to load.

Furs Alphabetically By Name
Herd of Punky Muppets
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  SKU Product Price
SHVOLIVE Punky Muppet MOSS $42.25
F8730 Punky Muppet NEON GREEN $42.25
SHLUXSHAGRY Punky Muppet ROYAL $42.25
SHLUXSHAGWT Punky Muppet WHITE $42.25
SHLUXSHAGYW Punky Muppet YELLOW $42.25
21420galaxy Rainbow Sherbet (2 colors) $48.50
rshk442 Russian Husky (2 colors) $53.25
M12017680 Seal (3 colors) $29.75
2081 Shag (2 colors) $18.00
140712 Shaggy Alpaca (2 colors) $25.25