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Fake Fur Availability!

We do not manufacture anything.  As such we rely on our vendors for stock. 

Due to extreme instability in the raw materials and shipping markets the vendors we purchase Fake Fur from have decided to no longer import those products. We have high hopes that this will change at some time in the future but for now our stock is limited to what we have on hand now.  As we sell through styles or colors we will not be able to replenish our stock.  We are doing our best to remove items as we sell out.

Email us If you have questions about how much yardage we have of a specific item. 

We are still able to restock all of the Cuddles (Minky style) fabrics and will be expanding our selection of those

Unfortunatley we are unable to help you source any out of stock items. 

For questions about current stock:  or @mendelssf on Facebook, Instgram and Twitter